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Discover Hope Fund
Discover Hope Fund

Our Story 

We Daughters of St. Paul are humbled by the commitment to our mission shown by the many who embrace our ministry. For 100 years we have evangelized the Gospel of Jesus Christ in word, in deed, and through all forms of media. This has been and remains our central mission – to ensure that all who yearn for Christ’s love will Discover Hope in each moment, each encounter, and every aspect of life. Our hope is rewarded with the comfort that we are not alone in our ministry.

We journey together with faithful people of all walks of life who encounter our ministry and join us in their own faith journey. We welcome each with passion, sustain their friendship through trust, renew their faith with the Word, and together with them Discover Hope through the empowering joy of that encounter.

Our commitment to serve and evangelize through the media of communication requires resources beyond our means. While we have been blessed on one hand, we are challenged on the other. We humbly ask for your financial support at this moment of need, because your generosity matters. Your initial or enhanced support will ensure that all who search for hope will indeed Discover Hope – each day, each moment, in each encounter.

Why? Because it matters. “Who makes it matter?” The answer is simple: YOU

Our Need

The Gift 

 The Daughters of St. Paul

Our Mission. Our Ministry. Our Call. 

Ensuring all Discover Hope in the world today. 

A life of prayer. A life of purpose. A life in community. A life of service. 

 Ask any who have encountered our mission how they have been renewed in Christ. 

Welcomed with passion. Sustained through trust. Renewed in Sanctuary. Empowered by Joy. 

Women religious celebrating the Gospel, living the legacy of the Apostle Paul. Joyful. Passionate. Trusted. 

It is in realizing what is of true value in life, that one embraces the truth, values it and makes his or her own. 

A life called. A life well-lived. Communicating God’s Love through all forms of media. 

It is in receiving the gift as our own, that we are called to share it with others. 

Lasting values, renewed hope, inspired lives – a gift that lasts a lifetime. 

“Who ensures this gift of Hope continues?” 

The answer is simple: 


  • Sr. Theresa and Sr. Maria Joseph enjoying time together in the community.

  • Those who visit our communities sense immediately the joy and the family spirit.

  • Pray before the Divine Master in the Eucharist is a treasured time of every Daughters of St. Paul today. It is there that we learn what we are to give and where we bring all the people we meet each day.

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The Daughters of St. Paul are consecrated women who communicate Christ’s love to all people using all forms of media.
Sister working in our Art Studio Sisters praying the Liturgy of the Hours Sisters looking at our book Sister painting for a children's book Sisters playing Chinese checkers Sisters at a Pauline Books & Media exhibit Sisters from our Choir recording for an Album Daughters of St. Paul Choir Sister showing our JClub flyers
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