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How often do you ask yourself the great question: Where is humanity going, how is it moving, toward what goal? Humanity is like a gigantic river flowing into eternity. Where is it going?

Blessed James Alberione


The Pauline mission is to communicate the mystery of Christ to all peoples, through our lives and through all the means of social communication.

We are sent to communicate the whole Christ, the Master, who is Way, Truth, and Life, the Redeemer of all creation, who reveals the Father’s love for the world and also reveals the mystery of the human person.

Whether we directly reach out to people (in person, on the phone, or online), or work behind the scenes—writing, editing, singing, illustrating, designing, or providing technical support—our mission lies at the heart of the Church: to live Jesus and to give Jesus. We reach out to people at parishes, schools, conferences, youth gatherings, media literacy workshops, and our Pauline Book & Media Centers. We present the Gospel using all different media: print, radio, television, film, the web, apps—whatever human ingenuity comes up with!

The most important moment of our mission, the key moment towards which we put all our efforts, is when an individual actually connects with us and has the opportunity to encounter Christ through us, or through the media we offer them.

Why St. Paul? For a Daughter of St. Paul, Paul is father, missionary guide, spiritual mentor. Speaking decades ago, our Founder Blessed James Alberione said, “If St. Paul were alive today, he would use the greatest pulpits of modern progress: press, film, radio and television, to announce the thrilling discovery of the love and salvation found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” 

Our passionate love for Jesus leads us as consecrated religious onto the streets of our world—both physical and digital—wherever we can meet people, so that every person of every place and culture has the opportunity to encounter Christ, who is our Way, Truth, and Life.

Our Founder, Blessed James Alberione, describes our lives as missionaries this way: 
“An apostle is one who bears God within and radiates him everywhere.”

Pope Benedict XVI invites us: “The Church needs men and women whose lives have been transformed by meeting Jesus; men and women who are capable of communicating this experience to others. The Church needs saints. All are called to holiness, and only holy people can renew humanity.”

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Blessed James Alberione, Founder

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