Learning the Secrets of Holiness from the Saints!

Sharon DiCecco, host of Radio Maria’s Community in Concert program, invited me on this afternoon’s broadcast to talk about the saints, our call to holiness, and the two books I co-authored with Sr. Mary Lea Hill, Saints Alive! The Faith Proclaimed, and Saints Alive! The Gospel Witnessed. Because of my crazy schedule, we had to pre-record it.

I have to say this was the most fun I’ve ever had on an interview. Not only did we not have to worry about running out of time (although we did), but I was able to share my love for both the “big” saints and the “little” ones that are not as well known. If you have a chance, listen online at http://www.hmwn.net/ (click on “listen live”) at the following times:

Thursday, September 12th at 2p.m. (ET)

Monday, September 16th at 2p.m. (ET)      

Wednesday, September 18th at 6p.m. (ET)

Eventually, the interview will go up on their audio archives, and I’ll post that link when it does.
I’d love to hear your thoughts on holiness and how the saints have touched your lives–please send in comments or chat on my new Facebook page!

Sr. Marie Paul