My Damascus Events

A Personal Reflection on Paul's Damascus Event: Light and darkness, sight and blindness, power and weakness, control and surrender. The “Damascus event” in Paul’s life is often played out in my own, though in a less dramatic manner. Lord Jesus, I meet you in so many ways: sometimes in silence and prayer or by stumbling to the ground of my existence.

As I journey through the days of my life, stop me, call out my name, send me your dazzling light, and take hold of me as you took hold of Paul.

Even when I kick against the goad, even when I lack courage or when fatigue over-takes me, even when I fall again or lose my way - in all these moments I trust that you are with me and that your grace is sufficient for me.

Like Paul, let me know how to be companioned by others, allowing myself to be led by those who can point out the way to you. Help me to be willing to listen to what you are saying to me through them. As you sent Paul on mission, I ask that you send me forth, to those persons with whom I am to share your Gospel. Give me, like you gave Paul, the words and gestures that reveal your mercy to me, and the love you bear for every person you have redeemed.

Reflections by a Daughter of St. Paul

From the Prayerbook  "Live Christ!  Give Christ"   Prayers For The New Evangelization by the Daughters of St. Paul





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