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2 Secrets for the Journey to Heaven

There are days when we are reminded more than others that life only makes sense if we remember where we are going. Blessed James Alberione succinctly states: "We are travelling toward the Lord; we are on a journey in this life. Let each one of us, then, fix our eyes on the Lord."The other morning the first reading at Mass was read from the book of Deuteronomy, chapter 24. In this reading, Joshua states how Esau was given by God Mount Seir to possess it, but Jacob and his sons...
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Sought for by a Persistent God

 If I could give God another name, I’d call him Persistent. In 1976, I was thirteen years old. That year was outstanding not only for the celebration of the 200th birthday of the country, but also for the 41st International Eucharistic Congress which was held in Philadelphia. I remember travelling with my family before dawn from Washington DC to Philadelphia to celebrate one day of this amazing event. Renowned people, a future pope, and future saints were at the Congress—Ka...
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The Pauline Mission as a "Liturgy of the Street"

For the past several months I've been reading the Facebook posts that show up on my Timeline. Various people in my family with a variety of political opinions post there frequently. As I've thought about the different statements that have been made I felt that somehow I've lost my voice. I'm not good at debate. I don't think well on my feet. I didn't feel inclined to come up with the magisterial statement that would clarify everything (as if that were possible!). By ...
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Celebrating Vocations Sunday with Sr. Carmen Christi Pompei, FSP

This week we’ll be celebrating Vocations Sunday, so we asked the novice director of the Daughters of St. Paul, Sister Carmen Christi Pompeii, FSP, about her thoughts on vocations.  What does "vocation" mean to you?Vocation is a call from Love and a call to love. It is a way of living out our relationship with God that brings meaning and joy to our life, that allows us to live our Christian identity to the fullest and allows us to bear abundant fruit in loving servi...
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Easter: Forerunner of Spring in Today's Spiritual Deserts

We are pleased to bring you the Easter letter of our Mother General, Sr. Anna Maria Parenzan. May her thoughts and best wishes be extended to you also in this most beautiful Easter Season and throughout the remaining year.    Rome, Easter 2017Dearest Sisters,Easter is an event of overwhelming power. It is a proclamation of beauty, the forecast of a luminous life that irradiates grace: Jesus is risen–he is alive!–and we can meet the Living One as he was met by the women...
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Eulogy for Sr Mary Antoinette Fantino, FSP

All too soon we are here once again to commend one of our dear sisters, Sr. Mary Antoinette Fantino, to the Lord and to thank the Lord for the gift of her life and her vocation as a Daughter of St. Paul, praying for her eternal repose. We have loved her as a sister, as an aunt, as a friend and now we pray that she will intercede for us before the Lord.I would dare say that anyone who ever met and engaged with Sr. M. Antoinette never forgot her. The first words that come to me at the mention of s...
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Jesus' Twofold Thirst

The Paschal Mystery, which we enter into even more deeply in these days immediately preceding the Easter Triduum, is the center and heart of Christian life; it is the mystery of Christ, who takes upon Himself the sins of all humanity and offers His very life to free us from the bondage of sin.Paul, tells us that we must always bear in our body the dying of Jesus so that the life of Jesus may be made manifest in us (cf. 2 Cor 4:10). We are to be nailed to the Cross with Him, feel the same thirst ...
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