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Advent Wisdom Week 1

"Jesus made himself small in order that he might be loved and that we would not feel awkward in appealing to him….One is more daring with those who are small….Let us also remember that the Child Jesus is found in the arms of Mary."Venerable Mother Thecla, FSP  
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Venerable Mother Thecla Merlo - A Woman of Great Faith

Maria Teresa Merlo was born at Castagnito (Cuneo, Piedmont) on February 20, 1894, the second of four children of Hector Merlo and Vincenza Rolando. On June 27, 1915, she met Fr. James Alberione for the first time in the Church of Sts. Cosmas and Damian in Alba and accepted his invitation to remain in the city to help him begin the “adventure” of our congregation: the future Daughters of St. Paul.On July 22, 1922, she professed private, perpetual religious vows and took the name ...
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Blessed James Alberione — A Biographical Sketch

Our Founder, James Alberione, the fifth son of Michael Alberione and Teresa Allocco, was born at San Lorenzo di Fossano (Cuneo, Piedmont) on April 4, 1884. In October 1900 he entered the diocesan seminary at Alba and on June 29, 1907, he was ordained a priest.On August 20, 1914, he founded in Alba the Pious Society of St. Paul for evangelization with the media of social communication. This foundation was followed by the others to constitute the Pauline Family: the Pious Society Daughters of St. ...
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Messenger of the Good News

In 1994 we Daughters of St. Paul celebrated the centenary of the birth of our first Superior General, Maria Teresa Merlo, or Maestra Thecla, (Maestra meaning Teacher, as she was called by us and Thecla, the name she took for profession).Back in 1915, when she was 21, the Holy Spirit opened before her a completely new future when he guided her steps toward Father James Alberione in the town of Alba in Piedmont. In the previous year Father Alberione had gathered around himself a group of...
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What Keeps You Up at Night?

The greatest preoccupation in the heart of Blessed James Alberione at the beginning of the last century was how to get the Gospel into the hands of people, of families, and of hearts. When we look at the world today, this is the same question in every Pauline's heart. The world so needs Jesus and his mercy. How can we reach everyone with his love.Here are Blessed James Alberione's words:"Be conscious of your responsibility! Don't keep counting the number of readers, but the...
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