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Apostles of Christ
in Today’s World

We are consecrated Sisters communicating the Gospel with our lives.

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Come & See Experiences

Begin your discernment journey and explore the Pauline vocation through Come and See Experiences, both in-person and online! We offer days of discernment, weekend retreats, and live-in opportunities in our various communities. Contact the vocation director to learn more!

From the Sisters

Walking the Pilgrimage of Discernment

“A pilgrimage is an outward journey that triggers something inward.” I heard these words spoken in the homily given by Fr. Michael Fuller, the General Secretary of the USCCB, at…

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Over 100 Promised Pauline Cooperators collaborate closely with the Daughters of St. Paul in the U.S. and Canada, advancing the mission of evangelization through social communication.

“I can’t even imagine living out the work that I do without the Pauline Family. With the Pauline Family, I have co-workers, friends, and family that remind of the reason why I do what I do, help me to grow, and stay the course.”

Christin Jezak
Christin Jezak

Burbank, CA

“I never dreamed I would actually participate in evangelization myself, but when you love the Divine Master as much as the Daughters helped me to love Him, you cannot help but share that love with others!”

Jeff Mathews
Jeff Mathews

St. Louis, MO

“A few words that I would say to those thinking about joining a lay
association…Don’t be afraid! If you feel called to be part of a religious spiritual family, pray and discern. If you still feel a calling, try it.”

Maryann Toth

Milltown, NJ

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