As Daughters of Saint Paul, we journey alongside humanity, setting out on the streets of the world, with a contemplative gaze full of empathy for the men and women of our time, hungry for the Good News of the Gospel. In the challenging griefs and anxieties of our day, it is easy to feel that we no longer know the way to God, to peace, to communion with each other. We may feel that God is far away. But our God is the God who is always near. Come. Discover Christ’s infinite love for you. Allow him to heal your wounds, show you the way, wash away your doubts, and lead you to unity, wholeness and joy.



Our present time and the future of the world are illuminated by Christ’s presence and are desperate for his action.
Your role before the tabernacle is to be:
living lamps before Jesus in the Eucharist…
handmaids of honor of the tabernacle and of its Divine Dweller;
angels of the Eucharist who receive and who give;
souls who hunger and thirst for the bread of the Eucharist and the water of his grace;
hearts that share with their Spouse in the Eucharist his desires, his goals, his self-sacrifice for all…;
the intimate confidantes of Jesus in the Host, listening to his every word of life and meditating on it in your heart, as Mary did.
Blessed James Alberione

We treasure the mystery of the Visitation in which Mary, after having conceived Jesus beneath her heart at the Annunciation, brought Jesus to her cousin Elizabeth, sanctifying John the Baptist in Elizabeth’s womb. We live in the spirit of Mary’s loving gift of her Son to the world. This is the Marian and mystical dimension of our apostolate. Daily we meditate on Christ in his Word, receive him in the Eucharist, and then carry him to all we meet with the “imagination” of communication. 

An Apostle is one who bears God in her soul and radiates God to those around her. The Apostle has a heart that loves God and souls so intensely that it can no longer confine within herself what she feels and thinks. Apostles are ostensoriums that hold Jesus Christ and shed indescribable light all around. They are temples of the most Holy Trinity, who is supremely active; the exude God from all their pores—with words, actions, prayers, gestures, and attitudes….

Blessed James Alberione


Knead me, Lord Jesus, into the world of communication,
as eucharistic bread that will nourish others.
Teach me the new media languages that will give your message the best paths to reach minds and hearts.
Your word is alive and active,
like yeast in the dough of our world.
Thank you for calling me to participate
in your plan of peace. 

May my communication be modeled on you, Jesus,
who entered our world and took on a body.
You communicated through words, attitudes, gestures,
silence, symbols, and movements.
You shared your life experiences,
and in your great love offered yourself to the point of giving your life for us.  
May my communication be the fruit of love.