Thoughts on St. Ambrose

One thing about the new translation of the Mass prayers that I noticed between yesterday and today is how the "proper" prayers for saints like Nicholas (yesterday) and Ambrose (today) identify the saint first as "Bishop": "O God, who made the Bishop Saint Ambrose a teacher..." Their vocation in the Church becomes part of their name.Ambrose is one of those saints whose vocation story itself did not fit the usual model. He was the governor of the Roman province centered at Milan; just a civic lead...
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Our Christmas Hope

My cousin Sarah teaches music history in St. Paul, MN, at the University of St. Thomas, which held its Christmas concert last week at a packed Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis. Since she also plays the French horn, she lent her talent to the event—no small achievement for a breast cancer survivor. Afterward, she e-mailed me: “When the men from all [five] choirs sang Ave Maria, and when the large choir sang Martin Lauridsen's arrangement of O Magnum Mysterium, I was moved to tears at wit...
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A Christmas Reflection

Following is a Christmas reflection by Bl. James Alberione (source unknown):Whoever wishes may receive Jesus in the Eucharist every day, he who is the Son of Mary and the blessed fruit of her womb. In the soul sullied by sin, Jesus lies down as if in a new manger; and he affects a physical and spiritual union with us that is transforming and is permanent by its very nature. Jesus’ mind, which is the true sun, enlightens our intelligence with the splendors of the faith, and it allows us to ...
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