Pokemon Go a Spiritual Teacher?

With all this excitement about Pokémon Go, I decided I had to investigate myself. The novices had already done “due diligence” and checked out our retreat house where they are cooking this week to see if there were any wild Pokémon there. The Blessed Mother statue in the front of the retreat house is a Poké Stop. My first thought was to check out our Motherhouse grounds to see if we should be expecting extra visitors playing Pokémon Go, holding up their phones and walking without looking where they were going. I did catch five Pokémon in the Motherhouse, but thankfully the Poké Stop in the neighborhood is across the street in  the park.

I wanted to download and investigate the virtual reality game, however, for another reason. As an apostle of communications, I often observe myself using media in order to reflect on its potential spiritual impact on people. So after only half an hour chasing wild Pokémon yesterday, I entered the chapel early this morning to pray and this is what I experienced.

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