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A novena naturally builds a special intimacy with God—and it’s the perfect atmosphere for deepening your vocational discernment, to understand how God is calling you to love.  

The entire novena is structured so that, by the end, you can take a step forward in your discernment, no matter where you were when you started. The purpose of a novena isn’t to have an answer or solution at the end of nine days—especially for something as precious as your vocation that needs to gently unfold. 

Ideally, we pray a novena to purify our desire to do God’s will, as well as to nurture an openness to what the Lord wants to give us. The materials in this novena are offered so that you can grow in this openness to God’s will and gifts.   

App available for the Year of Consecrated Life



◊ Do something daily to help you discover God’s plan for your life.

◊ Learn how to be more open to the gifts God wants to give you.

◊ Find out ways to move past the hurdles in discernment.

◊ Grow in your intimacy with God.


Deepen Your Vocational Discernment

This novena Discern It! is set up with four elements that we can use each day to deepen our vocational discernment:

1. a beautiful invitation from Jesus  
2. a Scripture passage in which we can receive God’s light and guidance on our spiritual journey of drawing closer to him, along with a reflection geared specifically for those discerning their vocation
3. journal questions that can help us to grow in our self-knowledge and discernment 
4. suggested concrete actions we can take each day 

In addition, a series of short interviews by Sr. Margaret Michael Gillis, an experienced vocation director, can offer you practical insight in your discernment.


 Continue Your Discernment with Trust


App Available for Year of Consecrated Life