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Discover God’s Path for You

What Is Discernment?

Discernment is not merely about making decisions such as deciding what to wear today, where to go on vacation, or what to major in at college. Discernment is about developing a relationship with God in order to:

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Called to Love

Discernment helps us become more attentive to our daily life, our deeper desires, our hopes, and our reactions or responses to the world. Our unique gifts and personalities, our personal histories and backgrounds shape how we see the world and what we desire to offer it. God does not call us to become someone we are not. Instead, God lovingly invites us to be fully ourselves in him.

Discerning our vocation, then, means discovering how God invites us to make a gift of ourselves to him and to the world in love. We can ask: How is God inviting us to express His love in the world today? How is he calling us to be at the service of others?

Begin Discerning Your Vocation

Just beginning to discern? Start here:

If you feel called to discern your life’s vocation, to explore religious life, or to dedicate your life so that the world may know Jesus, you are welcome to begin your discernment journey here.

On a Journey

Here are some things you can do as you begin and continue your journey of discernment:

Pray daily

Ultimately, our vocation is about living each day more closely united to God, and you can start that now!

Ask questions

Learn from married people, priests, and religious sisters about how they discerned their call. Ask all the questions you have!

Find ways to give

Volunteer in your community, assist at your parish, visit the sick or homebound. Every vocation is about self-giving love, and you are called to that right now.

Embrace the mystery

Discernment can often be confusing, sometimes tumultuous, but always beautiful. God makes everything clear in time, so be patient and live in his mystery.

Discernment Guidance and Resources

Hour of Adoration (Visit with Jesus) Prayer Guide

What is the Visit? It is the meeting of our soul and of all our being with Jesus. It is….

Set Ablaze with Love for Jesus in the Eucharist   

The National Eucharistic Pilgrimage has traced a cross over our nation in the past two months. As the pilgrims have….

Walking the Pilgrimage of Discernment

“A pilgrimage is an outward journey that triggers something inward.” I heard these words spoken in the homily given by….

Have questions about discernment?

Let us know how we can help you and pray for you as you discover God’s unique call for your life.

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