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Community life

Living in Christ Together

Our Call to Community

We are called by God to live in a community of faith and are sent to announce the mystery of salvation. Together we live our daily yes and grow into the women God has called us to be. In our communities, we show the loving face of God to a world that is increasingly individualistic and in need of his mercy. 

Community life, our Constitutions tell us, is:

“A new way of living together, founded not on natural bonds, but on the divine call and on faith. [It is] an essential element of our charism. It is directed to our specific mission and to the integral growth of the person.”

FSP Constitutions, Art. #58

Together in Joy

Joy and a family spirit  are characteristic of the Daughters of St. Paul. We live together, pray together, work together, and rejoice together as we create communities open to hope, reconciliation, and mutual charity. We embrace the gifts of the Sisters with whom we live, and we place them at the service of the people to whom we are sent. We are blessed to live in communities comprised of Sisters of all ages and many different nationalities.

Built on Love

Rooted in the teachings of Saint Paul, our communities seek to be places of communion and mutual respect, where each one strives to understand the others, to build one another up, and to find ways to share in each other’s joys and sorrows. By seeking our own personal growth in Christ, we are able to give ourselves more fully to the Lord and to each other. Like Venerable Mother Thecla Merlo, our co-foundress, we ask for hearts that are open and loving: “Jesus Master, fill my heart with love that is patient; teach my heart a love that is gentle; give me a love that believes and hopes.” 

Our Community Life Includes:

Daily Community Prayer

  • Morning Prayer
  • Evening Prayer
  • Mass                      

Weekly Community Sharing

  • Lectio Divina               
  • Shared meditation 
  • Ongoing formation 

Daily Life Together

  • Mission
  • Recreation
  • Cooking and cleaning
“Our living together manifests the presence and the love of Christ, who is the heart of the community”
FSP Constitutions, art. #5