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What should I do if I am interested in becoming a Daughter of St. Paul?

Here are some practical tips to begin discerning if you have a vocation with the Daughters of St. Paul:

1. Find out more.

Read as much of this website as you find helpful, and check out the digital magazine, The Daughters of St. Paul: Presence of Hope in Today’s World. Follow the Sisters on the social media you already use. Read a book that one of the sisters has written. (You can check out Daughters of Saint Paul authors here.) If you live near a Pauline Book & Media Center, go in for a visit!

2. Pray and listen. 

Take whatever you learn to prayer. Spend some time especially with Jesus in the Eucharist, asking him what it is that he is asking of you at this point in your life.

3. Inquire.

Contact the nearest vocation director from the Daughters of St. Paul. Start with email, if that is easier. Write a little about yourself and then ask any questions you might have. Or, you may find it more helpful to set up a time to talk to Sister in person or on the phone.

In your conversation, the vocation director will provide you with more information that will help you in your discernment. She will also want to get to know you. As you become more familiar with the Daughters of St. Paul and the process of discernment, you and the vocation director can decide together what would be the next best step to discern whether you have a Pauline religious vocation.

Meet the Author

Daughters of St. Paul

Proclaiming the gospel through the media.

In a world that yearns to receive the Good News, we seek through the various aspects of our mission to be instruments of mercy, hope, and love.

Discern Your Vocation

Our sisters regularly host opportunities for vocational discernment, providing a space for young women to find out more about religious life and pray about where God is calling them. To find out about opportunities near you or to speak with a sister about vocational discernment, get in touch with us. Know that we are praying for you!

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