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10 Daughters of St. Paul to Attend the Eucharistic Congress

Since 2021, the grace of God has been flowing through the Church in the US in a very special way. The Holy Spirit-led Eucharistic Revival is a response to needs and crises in the world and Church of today.  

Sr. Josephine Garret, one of the MC’s for the Eucharistic Congress, recently shared her faith and joy about what God is doing among us. She stated:

“The Bridegroom is coming to do something in this land. And I don’t think there is anyone who can say that our land and our American Church don’t need healing.” 

When Blessed James Alberione founded the Daughters of St. Paul, he instilled in our first sisters the strong love that Jesus has for his people. In the Eucharist, Jesus invites everyone: “Come to me.” As our founder’s heart embraced the world of his day with all its wants and struggles, hopes and dreams, he realized that every person had a fundamental need to know they were loved by God—a God who, through his Son, Jesus, was inviting them to share his everlasting life.  

In our own times Pope Francis has stated:

“The world still does not know it, but everyone is invited to the Supper of the wedding of the Lamb…” (Pope Francis, Desiderio Desideravi, n. 5). 

Ten of us Daughters of St. Paul will have the incredible grace of joining with thousands of other believers to celebrate the Eucharistic Congress in Indianapolis on June 17 – 20.  

The Sisters who will attend speak a variety of languages, ranging from Tagolog to Vietnamese to Portuguese to Spanish to Swahili, and of course all speak English. Coming from convents around the country, we ten will have the joy of gathering at the Congress, ready to share our love for Jesus with people of many different backgrounds and cultures. 

Together with the other participants, we will be praying and entering into powerful experiences of Eucharistic teaching and worship. At the end, all will be sent out as Eucharistic missionaries to share Christ’s love with a world that so desperately needs it. This precisely is the two-fold dynamic of the Revival: to fall in love with Jesus in the Eucharist so intensely that we will want others to discover this love for themselves. 

In the words of our founder, this is the mission of the Daughters of St. Paul:

“When your soul is full of the Eucharistic Lord, how will you be able to hide your faith, hope, and love compressed in your heart? You will declare them, reveal them, and disseminate them in conformity with your vocation.”  

If you are planning to attend the Eucharistic Congress, we hope you’ll visit us at the Indiana Convention Center, Booths 1111, 1113, and 1115, to: 

  • learn more about the life, mission, and spirituality of the Daughters of St. Paul 
  • purchase Pauline Books & Media resources in English, Spanish, and Portuguese 
  • participate in pop-up book signing events with our Pauline Books & Media authors 
  • learn about how you can support and participate in our mission as a Pauline Cooperator 







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Sr Kathryn J. Hermes, FSP

Proclaiming the gospel through the media.

In a world that yearns to receive the Good News, we seek through the various aspects of our mission to be instruments of mercy, hope, and love.

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