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Sr. Khristina Galema, FSP: Celebrating Her Perpetual Profession


Sr Khristina professes her vows
Sr Khristina professes her vows


“Now you belong forever to this family of the Daughters of St Paul” Today it is right that your house should echo with a new song of thanksgiving for this sister of ours who has listened to your voice and made herself over to your holy service.

From the Solemn Blessing of the New Perpetually Professed

Sr Khristina's Family
This is a picture of Sr Khristina and her family from her first profession.

“Lord, send the gift of your Holy Spirit upon your servant who has left all things for your sake.”

Sr Khristina Galema was born and raised in Manila, Philippines. As a young adult, her family migrated to Toronto, Canada where she pursued a career in web development. She first met the Daughters of St. Paul at our Pauline Books and Media centre and during the Year of St. Paul (June 28, 2008 – June 29, 2009) she began discerning religious life and entered our Postulancy program in the Fall of 2010. Although her family were not able to be present in Boston today the ceremony was streamed live for them.

Sr Khristina

Jesus, Divine Master, above all things I pray that I may love You and all those redeemed by Your most Precious Blood.”

Sr. Khristina’s discernment journey had many influences and steps through her early life and as a young adult, from joining the parish choir at St. Barnabas in Toronto, the growing awareness of humanity’s desperate need for God’s grace, healing, and forgiveness due to the secular atmosphere in which she worked, a week-long mission trip to Bermuda with the Singles for Christ young adult group, an Ignatian silent retreat, her frequent visits with the sisters.


Sr Khristina prostrates before the altar
Sr Khristina prostrates before the altar

“I want to offer myself completely to Him, forever.”

“Jesus has placed in my heart a thirst for souls and a longing for their Christification, so delicately expressed by St. Paul when he writes, “My little children, […] I am again in the pain of childbirth until Christ is formed in you” (Gal 4:19). In the light of these words of St Paul, the name Khristina which means little Christ has now taken on a new significance. Going back to my roots, in Tagalog, “ina” (pronounced as – inà) means mother. Jesus has given Himself to me completely, including His thirst for souls. And for this reason, I want to offer myself completely to Him, forever.”

Sr. Khristina Galema, FSP

Bl James Alberione quot

Sr. Khristina’s favorite flower is the sunflower.



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