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Revival Starts Here

If you are in Indianapolis for the National Eucharistic Congress, then you have seen signs like these all over the city and the Indianapolis Convention Center: Revival Starts Here In…

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How To Keep “Showing Up” for Our Vocational Discernment

by Sr. Emily Beata March, FSP The next day John was there again (John 1:35). The Gospel of John contains….

How Mother Thecla Helped Me During My Discernment

For Daughters of St. Paul around the world, February is affectionately known as “Mother Thecla Month.” Our co-foundress, Venerable Mother….

7 Ways to Discern During Lent

“Behold, now is a very acceptable time; behold, now is the day of salvation,” St. Paul tells us in his….

What’s It Like Getting Ready for Christmas in the Convent?

Advent in the Convent! What is Advent like in the convent? …is not a question that anyone has ever asked….

What Is a Postulant, Anyway?

by guest contributor, Postulant Allison What is a postulant? The quick answer is that a postulant is someone in the….

What should I do if I am interested in becoming a Daughter of St. Paul?

Here are some practical tips to begin discerning if you have a vocation with the Daughters of St. Paul: 1…..

To Begin Discerning, the First Thing We Need…

…is to build and deepen our relationship with God! Our relationship with God is the context of our discernment, AND….

How Do You Know If YOU Are Called To Become a Sister?

God works individually with each one of us, so every sister would probably answer this question differently. If you asked….

Discernment as “Co-Authoring”

Recently, I received a reminder that my spiritual life is–surprise, surprise!–NOT about me! I was talking with a Sister, and….