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Revival Starts Here

If you are in Indianapolis for the National Eucharistic Congress, then you have seen signs like these all over the city and the Indianapolis Convention Center: Revival Starts Here In…

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Who Are the Daughters of Saint Paul?

Who are the Daughters of Saint Paul? There are as many descriptions as there are sisters! Here are three different….

The Big Pauline Three! (Spirituality of the Daughters of St. Paul)

By guest contributor, Postulant Allison Gliot (pictured above with patron Saint Paul) When I started discerning with the Daughters of….

How Much Do Sisters Pray?

Why So Much Prayer? Many people today find it hard to “keep up” with all the demands on their attention,….

Why Your Name, “Daughters” of Saint Paul?

Our congregation has an unusual name. Recently, I overheard a parishioner at a parish we were visiting say to one….

Community Life: a Penance or Joy?

by guest contributor Sr. Maria Grace Dateno, FSP Community Life Is Not Always Easy… Of all the essential ingredients that….

The “Wealth” of Living the Vow of Poverty

(This blog post is adapted from my blog on discernment, “I couldn’t do without my…car, own place, movie collection,….

Celibacy: Too Hard or the Greatest Love?

(Blogpost is adapted from my blog on discernment, “Celibacy is too hard.” I think this is one of the….

The Greatest Freedom: the Paradox of Obedience

(Blog post adapted from my discernment blog, “No one else can tell me what to do: I value my….

Consecrated Life: A Life of Communion

“Jesus himself drew near and walked with them” (Luke 24:15). Seeking Community in a Fragmented World The consecrated life is….